London, 20 March 2016

BlueCompanion is presenting today its logo and visual identity.

The logo is meant to  represent our main focus: designing and set up e-health products and services that will serve both patients and heathy citizens, henancing their awareness for an active and healthy life and but also facilitating their access to healthcare via modern solutions.

1 BLUECOMPANION INTEGRATED LOGO                       

BlueCompanion's logo couples two symbols: a seagull and robot. They intend to represent the two phases of our work: collaborative, creative and comprehensive uptake of an objective at first, and brilliant delivery of applicative results afterwards.

The Bluecompanion main symbol is a simplified representation of a small, friendly robot – conveying the nowadays opportunity to spend novel digital technologies for providing e-health services like monitoring drugs safety&efficacy in at-risk individuals or specific populations suffering from a disease or medical condition.

Then a calm, determined, flying seagull, is our special symbol, representing the initial effort and enthusiasm that is necessary to make innovative ideas and projects true and shared among interested stakeholders.  

A strapline is incorporated in our logo to remind the deliverables: e-health projects that will evolve over time in e-health solutions.


Bluecompanion's logo is a registered trademark. Please do not use or include it,in any publication (web, paper and other supports) without our previous written agreement.